Terms And Conditions
These Service Terms are a legally binding agreement between you and Deluxe Entertainment Group regarding the use of our Party Bus Services. By utilizing our Services, you agree to these terms. If you disagree, please refrain from using our Services. Deluxe Entertainment Group reserves the right to modify or supplement these terms without prior notice, and your continued use of the Services implies acceptance of the updated terms. Please review these terms regularly. Last updated: 07/27/2023.

Pricing Policy
All advertised fares are subject to change without notice and may vary during holidays or special events.

Rate Estimate
The rate provided prior to your trip is an estimate based on the information provided at the time of reservation. Additional charges, such as tolls, waiting time, additional stops, parking fees, are not included in the estimate and will increase the total rate. Your subtotal will include a gratuity and a fuel cost.

Additional Charges
Any changes made to your trip after pick-up may result in additional charges. Please obtain an updated price from our team before proceeding with the trip.

  1. Excessive Cleaning Fee: A fee of $250 will be charged if there is a need for excessive cleaning of the vehicle after the trip.

Our team will determine the safest and fastest route based on traffic, weather, and road conditions. They may choose toll routes when necessary. Passengers are responsible for any toll cost incurred during the trip. You will be charged the full toll rate, and discounted rates do not apply. Our team will inform you of the toll charges upon arrival at your destination.

Waiting Time
Waiting time is charged at the hourly rate for the specific vehicle and is billed in 15-minute increments. If a passenger arrives late to a pick-up, waiting time charges may apply. Waiting time will also be charged for additional stops. Waiting time charges may apply after the complimentary waiting time expires on a round trip. We do not charge waiting time attributed to delayed flights or luggage delivery for airport pick-ups.

Additional Stops
The fare quoted online does not include additional stops during your trip. Unless specifically discussed during phone reservations, additional stops will be calculated based on the distance deviated from the original pick-up and destination. You may obtain an exact quote for additional stops in advance by speaking with us.

Cancellation And Refund Policy
Cancellation Policy: A fee may be charged to your credit card for any trip not canceled within the specified time frame. To avoid cancellation fees, please notify us of any cancellations at least 24 hours in advance. Cancellations are accepted by email or phone.

Refund Policy:

  1. Cancellation 14 days prior to the booking: Full refund.

  2. Cancellation 7 days prior to the booking: 50% refund.

  3. Cancellation 3 days prior to the booking: No refund.

No Shows: If a passenger or related contact person cannot be reached after 30 minutes of the scheduled pick-up time, the ride will be considered a no-show. Not being at the pick-up location without notifying Deluxe Entertainment Group may result in a no-show charge.

Change Policy
All changes must be received at least 3 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time. Changes can be made through phone, email, or our website. If a change made less than three hours before pick-up cannot be accommodated, it may result in a full or partial charge to the customer.

Credit Card Policy
When paying by credit card, you must provide the credit card number in advance for pre-approval. This is for pre-approval purposes only and does not constitute payment for the trip. The actual credit card must be presented to our team at the time of pick-up. Our team may request additional identification to validate the card. Passengers may not leave the vehicle during the trip without first signing the credit card slip. Failure to return to the vehicle may result in the full fare being charged to the card.

Credit Card Processing
Credit card transactions are processed on the day of the trip, and the charges will appear on your statement with the corresponding processing date. All transactions are handled securely and encrypted to ensure maximum security and confidentiality of your information. If you have any questions about your privacy or the security of our website, please contact us. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information on the collection and use of your credit card and other personally identifiable information.

Virtual Credit Cards
Deluxe Entertainment Group does not accept online-only, virtual credit cards, or any other type of “single-use” card number security product or one-time use credit card number provided by credit card companies for online use. We are not responsible or liable for transactions made with such cards.

Rates And Billing
All rates are subject to audit after the completion of the trip. Adjustments may be made to correct mathematical errors or to reflect actual tolls, parking fees, additional stops, and waiting time.

  1. Gratuity: A 20% gratuity is already included in the total pricing.

Our rates are inclusive of taxes.

Lost Or Damaged Items
Deluxe Entertainment Group and its affiliates are not responsible for lost or damaged items left in the vehicle. We make every effort to locate and return lost items within 30 days. If you have left a personal item in one of our vehicles, please report it to us as soon as possible. Delivery fees may apply for returning found items.

Pet Policy
Pets are not allowed in our vehicles, with the exception of service animals as required by law.

Alcohol and Substance Policy
Deluxe Entertainment Group does not provide alcoholic beverages during the trip. Passengers are allowed to bring their own alcoholic beverages on board, but they are solely responsible for their consumption. Deluxe Entertainment Group and its team are not responsible for any consequences arising from the consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages or any other substances by passengers during the trip.

Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. It is your responsibility to review the updated terms and conditions regularly.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these terms and conditions, please contact us.